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for Broward School Board, District 1

Every Child. Every Family. Every School. EVERY DAY.

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Aug. 20th

Aug. 20th

The voice we need for EVERY child

and EVERY school

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Meet Chris Canter: a fervent champion for public education, determined to shape a brighter tomorrow for our students, educators, and community.

With extensive experience as an educator, parent, and unwavering child advocate, Chris lends a crucial voice to the school board. Explore further to discover Chris's unique background and his holistic vision for the Broward County School Board. Click the “Meet Chris” button above to read Chris’s biography.

Chris’s leadership and experience get results

Educational Leadership

Two decades of service to students in the classroom, in the assistant principal and principal seats, and as a district-level administrator, resulting in increased positive student outcomes, and active BCPS committee member (Facilities Task Force and District Advisory Council).

Financial Leadership

Consistent creation and management of more than $23 million in district fund budgets, driving practices and initiatives that resulted in significant improvements in student achievement.

Advocacy Leadership

Proven track record as a leader in the Broward County Council PTA/PTSA and child advocate, personally urging school board members and lawmakers to champion policies and laws that promote the well-being, equity, and academic success of EVERY child.

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